What's New

  • We are this close to Ending Polio

    Through the amazing generosity of the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation working in partnership with Rotary International and UNICEF, 15,000 Speaking Books are being created for Nigeria to educate local communities about the importance of vaccinating children against Polio

  • Dementia; Making Memories Matter

    Dementia SA has taken a bold and innovative approach by reaching out to those most affected by this disease and in need of support

  • Eradicating Polio

    Rotary Teamwork Enables New Approach to Eradicating Polio

Can You Read This? A Billion People Can't!

Literacy is a luxury that many of us take for granted. Look around, words are everywhere. We depend on written communication for information, guidance, well-being, and security. Yet a billion people can’t read, which means they have no access to heath care information, education, loans, insurance, job training, and so much more that is necessary to live a productive and sustainable life.

A Book That Speaks

This is why we created SPEAKING BOOKS and revolutionized the way information is delivered to low literacy communities. It’s exactly what it sounds like…a book that actually talks to the reader in his or her native language, delivering critical information in an interactive, relevant and educational way. The customizable 16-page book, accompanied by local celebrity audio recordings, ensures that vital health and social messages can be seen, heard, read and understood, arming the world’s poorest and most impoverished communities with critical, life-saving knowledge that can help them to live a better life.

  • Global illiteracy prevents organizations from effectively communicating life-saving messages to impoverished communities around the world. When the poorest communities cannot access even the most basic education, innovation is key to bridging the communication gap.

  • 55 titles produced, hundreds of thousands of books delivered, spanned 5 continents, and spoke in over 30 different languages. We've worked with global organizations ranging from the Pharmaceutical industry, NGOs, government organization, corporations, and non-profits.

We continue to grow and develop new books with new messages reaching thousands of new people every day. Join forces with us and help us overcome the silent epidemic of illiteracy and deliver life-saving knowledge to those that need it most.